©2019 by Lawrence Pearce.


Screenwriter and Author

Writer of grounded sci-fi and cyber horror,
specialising in world-building, narrative design and character development.

Drone is a twisted, near-future, post-apocalyptic, android-loving thriller, that was developed with Matt Peterman (who turned $750k into $100m with The Devil Inside) and soon had William Brent Bell (grossed over a quarter of a billion in three films) attached to direct.
In finance for $15m.

I have three other scripts also finished and available for various budgets, listed below.




Sci-Fi  Thriller

Drone is a science fiction thriller about Adam,  a man helping to rebuild the human race after a cataclysmic event.  Unable to leave his government-issued apartment,  his only real interaction is with a beautiful transhuman android named Lilly.

All rights available.



Action  Sci-Fi

An anti-social robotics hacker,  who has illegally created his own family of oddball androids,  must go up against his violent robot-messiah brother named Alpha,  in order to save the humans he once shunned;  discovering true companionship along the way.

All rights available.


Action  Thriller

Eli Cain is a hi-tech assassin.  When he is identified,  his son is murdered for retaliation.  He is also shot and enters a coma with his wife by his side.  Unable to deal with his guilt,  Cain suffers a dissociative fugue and dives deep into an alternate reality in his comatose mind; where he is supercharged with implanted biotech and hunted by assassins in near-future Seoul, South Korea.

All rights available.



Psychological  Horror

A mind-bending paranormal horror set in near-future Tokyo,  about an agoraphobic American living with his augmented-reality lover,  and how they must survive the presence of a demonic spirit in their home.

Lost Inside was developed with producer Matt Peterman  (The Devil Inside).

All rights available.




Romance  Anthology

Need Love is a collection of 55 short stories and flash fiction exploring the theme of love and loss.  It's my writing at its most raw and vulnerable; personal and painful yet visceral and full of feeling.  Never promoted.

5 / 5 stars from 8 reviews on Amazon  & Goodreads.



Ghost  Novella

I was inspired to write this tale of psychological horror, ghosts and heartbreak, by a real life suicide I witnessed  (which I included as an afterword in the book).  The Haunted Hikikomori then became the inspiration for the Lost Inside script above.

4.5 / 5 stars from 83 reviews on Amazon & Goodreads.